Tianjin Railway Signal Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as TRSC), formerly known as Tianjin Railway Signal Factory, was founded in 1939. With a history over 80 years.

TRSC locates at No. 1199 Xunhai Road, Dongli District, Tianjin. East Tianjin Xingang Port, west Tianjin Binhai International Airport, south Jintang Road, and north Tianjin Binhai New Area. TRSC occupies an area of 475,000 m2 (about 705 acres), with a railway special line connecting to Beijing-Shanhaiguan Line inside. With convenient location, close to Port of Tianjin and Tianjin Airport Industrial Park, spacious production areas and excellent environment, TRSC is one of the biggest 500 transportation equipment manufacturing enterprises released by NBS (National Bureau of Statistics of the People's Republic of China).

At present, TRSC has been developed into a specialized company in railway signal mechatronics product design, manufacturing, integration and installation, system commissioning and engineering construction. TRSC is a new high-tech enterprise, systems integration and test base with broad prospects and vast development foreground.

In March, 2013, TRSC was made transformation to company by increasing the registered capital to RMB 180 million. The total assets of TRSC were RMB 638 million. With all sorts of resources integrated, stock assets revitalized and operation objectives established, TRSC proceeds management improvement, transformation and upgrading and new marketing areas expansion. TRSC establishes corporate governance structure, according to modern enterprise system. There are 25 functional departments, with clear assets relationships and well-defined main responsibility. The economic operation of TRSC is implemented under perfecting management procedures of the company, through Board Meeting and General Manager's Office Meeting.

TRSC products include:

● Signal system for railway station, block section, level crossing system and hump yard system,

● GSM-R Telecom Tower,

● Intelligent Power Supply Panel for railway station,

● Retarder for railway hump yard,

● RD1 Series Turnout Snow-heating System,

● Monitoring and detection products,

● Signal Container,

● Design, manufacturing, installation and after-sales of urban rail transit signal control devices,

● Import and export business of railway signal relating techniques,

● Mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering,

● Constructional engineering,

● Design, manufacturing and installation of air purification system (Honeycomb Electrostatic Precipitator Filter).

According to TRSC products,

● 29 kinds of REAC accreditation and CRCC certification issued by former Ministry of Railways and State Railway Administration have acquired.

● 37 products have passed the identification and inspection.

● 3 types of products have acquired the title as "Famous Trademark" in Tianjin.

● Electric Point Machine, Signal Container, Electric Snow-heating System have authorized the title as "Famous Brand in Tianjin".

● Integrated Power Supply and air purification system (ESP) have acquired CE Authentication Certificate issued by European CE Certification Center.

● 17 standard instruments among monitoring and measuring instruments are qualified to execute value delivery and verification.

TRSC has the capacity of powerful integration production and assembly of electric and mechanical products, including:

● more than 390 mechanical processing equipments, among which there are more than 210 CNC machining centers and precision machine tools;

● more than 230 test and inspection equipments (instruments) of testing center and measurement center;

● SMT and THT electronics assemblies production lines;

● flexible assembly line of electric point machine; integration production line of external locking devices and installation devices;

● the largest hump retarder equipment of China;

● the largest turnout switching equipment test center of all railways, with the higher technical equipments and capacity.

TRSC has well established various management systems according to corresponding standards and passed the authentications, including:

● ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System,

● ISO 14001:2004 Environment Management System,

● OHSAS18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, and

● GB/T50430-2007 Engineering Construction Enterprise Quality Management Specification,

● ISO10012-2003 Measurement Management System,

● International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS), Revision 02,

● EN50126/EN 50129 Safety Management System.

With all these management systems established and certificates acquired, the quality-safety management level of TRSC has been comprehensively upgraded and improved.

TRSC has been accredited as:

● National Production Safety Standardization Enterprise,

● Safety Culture Demonstration Enterprise,

● Tianjin Municipal Enterprise Technology Center,

● New High-tech Enterprise,

● Torch High-tech Enterprise issued by Ministry of Science and Technology in 2012

● Tianjin Science and Technology Little Giant Enterprise

● National Enterprise of Good Creditworthiness issued by SAIC in 2013.

In line with the concept of "Quality of life, Security for production", TRSC is devoted to promoting the railway transportation industry with good faith and innovations. By carrying the mission and responsibility of railway passenger and freight transportation safety, TRSC always provides wholehearted service for our users, with superior quality and reliable products and services.

Address:   No.1199, Xunhai Road, Dongli 
District, Tianjin
Post Code:   300300
Tel:   0086-22-60403811
Fax :   0086-22-24393390
Website:   http://tjxh.crsc.cn